10 Ways to Spice Up Your Anniversary Celebration

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Anniversaries are special times. For couples, anniversaries are a reminder that you have spent a specific amount of time together and you should celebrate that time. But how? Sure, you can go out to dinner, but there are lots of other special ways to celebrate this special day.

Here are 10 great ideas for celebrating your next anniversary.

  1. Waking up together? Enjoy some special extra time in bed together, perhaps with breakfast. Don’t make breakfast, though. Enjoy some coffee and pastries you picked up the night before or do the indulgent thing and have breakfast delivered to your bed.
  2. Give each other a massage. Turn these basic massages into sensual massages by turning down the lights, lighting scented candles and putting on special music. Take turns treating each other to intimate and sensual massage.
  3. Take a shower together. Especially after that sensual massage, a couples shower can be a special time together. Wash each other’s backs and enjoy the soapy feel of each other.
  4. Bring back “making out”. Remember how fun that was when you were a teenager or when you and your partner started dating? Bring it back! Enjoy a long and intense kissing session to set the stage for later activities. Bring this into the public to make it more exciting.
  5. Do an activity together that you have both wanted to do. Have you talked about taking a ride in a hot air balloon? Make it happen! Have you thought it would be fun to take a cooking class or learn to dance? Use your anniversary as an opportunity to learn a new skill with your partner. Sharing the experience together is sure to bring you closer together.
  6. Enjoy the sunset together. Whatever you are doing on the evening of your anniversary, take a minute to slow down, hold each other’s hands and take in the beauty of a great sunset.
  7. Guys, buy your woman some gorgeous lingerie. Include a note with the gift telling her how gorgeous she is going to look in the lingerie and what your sexy evening is going to entail.
  8. Write notes and draw pictures on each other’s cars with coloured markers that are made for glass. Your partner will be reminded throughout the day of how much they mean to you.
  9. Don’t forget the mundane. Think about a task or chore that your partner does but doesn’t enjoy doing. Is it emptying the dishwasher? Hanging the laundry to dry? Feeding the pets? Whatever is it, take over that task for the day and let him or her get a break from that unwanted chore.
  10. Spice up your sex life. Take it outdoors or into the shower. Try new sexual positions or get some toys to enjoy that day. Use your anniversary to set a new tone for your sexual life together.