4 Quick Ways to Feel Sexy and Sensual

4 Quick Ways to Feel Sexy and Sensual

If you need a little help getting in that sexy mood, try one of these fast tips. You’re sure to feel frisky in no time!

Sometimes you need a little help getting in the mood to feel sexy and sensual. You might be stressed, tired or both. Whatever the cause, the solution isn’t difficult.  Try one or more of these ideas to get in the sexy and sultry mood quickly and effortlessly.

  1. Wear sexy lingerie.

Sometimes just the feel of silky fabric on your skin and the touch of lace can get you revved for more than a night in front of the television. If you keep a ready supply of sexy lingerie choices, you can pick something that suits your mood and style today. One day you might like to wear a babydoll lingerie piece, while another day you might be more interested in erotic lingerie. Some days, a simple matching bra and panty set might do the trick.

  1. Take a hot bath.

Fill the tub with bubbles, light a candle and turn on some music. As you feel the stresses of the day lift off you, you might also find that you are suddenly in the mood for some frisky fun. Finish up by coating your body in a luxurious and wonderful smelling lotion and you’ll be feeling great.

  1. Do some erotic reading.

This might not seem like an obvious mood lifter, but you’d be surprised what a little erotic reading can do for your libido and energy level. You can find erotic stories online, or you might want to curate a collection for your iPad or Kindle. However you read it, keep a ready supply on hand. It’s a quick method that is sure to get you thinking about naughty escapades in no time.

  1. Eat luxurious foods.

It’s true that some foods just make us feel more in the mood for bedtime pursuits. Foods like chocolate and strawberries, for example, are sexy to look at and eat. Add some champagne to the mix and you’ve got a winning combination!

Getting in the frisky mood isn’t as hard as it might sound, even if you are tired or stressed. By doing one of these things, or utilizing a combination of tips, you are sure to be feeling frisky in no time. 

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