Build a Better Bra Wardrobe: 5 Must-Have Bras

Build a Better Bra Wardrobe: 5 Must-Have Bras

Whether she’s a feminine flower or a tomboy at heart, there are some basics all women need to have in their wardrobes and good bras are top of the list.

While there are a myriad of choices, there are 5 basic bras all women should have in her closet. In fact, if she has only these 5 bras, she will have a bra for every occasion and every outfit.

Here, then, are our selections for the top 5 bras every woman must have in her lingerie wardrobe.

  1. The push-up bra. Of course, right? Every woman, no matter if she’s smaller breasted or well endowed, should have a bra that puts the girls on display. Push-up bras have pads on the underside of the cups that’s made from either foam or silicone gel. These pads help to lift up the breasts while also pulling them closer together, resulting in awesome cleavage.
  2. A convertible bra. The workhorse of the bra wardrobe, these bras can look like a basic two-strap bra or they can be strapless. You might be able to cross the straps in the back to mimic the design of a specific blouse so straps don’t show. These bras are versatile enough to make themselves useful nearly every day.
  3. A bralette. These bras are soft and delicate and so easy to wear. Usually unlined and wire-free, bralettes are also usually not padded. These are easy to put on, and comfortable for everyday wear. Best of all, they are usually intensely feminine, and the best looks result when you wear them so the lace or crochet of the bra peeks out from under low tops.
  4. The balconette bra. These bras are the ultimate in feminine allure. These bras have wide-set straps and cups that form a nearly horizontal neckline (think of a balcony, hence the name). Best of all, this bra style can usually stay hidden under even the widest of necklines. These bras are usually quite delicate and feminine and give the breasts a rounded look.
  5. A plunge bra. While you might not need this bra for everyday wear, you want a plunge bra for those daring blouses and dresses and for days and nights when you’re feeling a little confident and a little bold. This bra has a deep center and cups that often cut away at the sides and also mold to the breast. This bra almost disappears under low necklines but at the same time gives a full appearance to the bust and provides va va voom cleavage.

See? Shopping for a basic bra wardrobe is easy as can be if you know what to get. These easy and sexy choices are sure to be the start of a perfect sexy lingerie wardrobe.


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