Corsets: Not Just for Madonna

Corsets: Not Just for Madonna

The corset is a sexy lingerie item that flatters most figure types and that comes in a wide array of styles.

Many years ago, Madonna made famous the corset, a lingerie item that creates shape and slims while emphasizing the bust area. The corset is also a sexy and tantalizing item that flatters every woman.


What identifies the corset and makes it unique from other items of sexy lingerie is its shape. Inside the garment are “bones” which give the garment shape and therefore shapes the woman – no matter her natural figure – into a woman with an hourglass shape.

The garment usually ties up the back, requiring either help to get it on and off; there are also often “hidden” zippers on the side or closures on the front. Most corsets will feature two openings – one that allows you to put the corset on by yourself, and the back closure, which will generally be handled by someone else.

Traditionally, corsets were worn by all women and were hard to get into and hard to get out of. Women had to be tied into their corsets by handmaidens and others. These early corsets were uncomfortable; they were also expensive, custom-designed items that were sometimes unhealthy as they were often pulled quite tight in order to create the desired body silhouette.

While the corsets of today are much less confining than their original counterparts, corsets are still a fun and sexy item to add to any lingerie collection.


These days, many corsets are made from a blend of polyester and spandex, making corsets much more comfortable than in days past. The boning inside which gives the corset shape is often made from plastic.


You can purchase corsets in a wide array of colors, though the traditional sexy lingerie colors of white, black and red are most common. Some corsets will be just one color while others might feature more than one color. A corset might have a tuxedo look, for example, and feature white accents on the black background. Some corsets are quiet simple, while others might feature bows (in the same or contrasting colors) and embroidered designs.

Why Should You Add Babydolls to your Collection?

There are two styles of corsets – the underbust and the overbust. While the underbust might be a fun accent in the bedroom, the overbust can be used under clothing or even under a suit jacket; this creates a nice silhouette and a sexy hint that you have something on your mind other than work.  Most corset sets also include a G-string.

The corset is a fun and sexy lingerie item that is also versatile. What more could you ask for in lingerie?

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