How to Buy Lingerie for the Imperfect Body

How to Buy Lingerie for the Imperfect Body

Think you don’t have the body for sexy lingerie? We get it. Lingerie is often marketed in a way that highlights gorgeous bodies that make the lingerie look great. But does that mean that you can’t wear the same lingerie? Not at all. We have 5 tips for learning to trust that the gorgeous lingerie that’s modeled on gorgeous bodies can look gorgeous on you, too.

  1. Be realistic

By saying “be realistic” we aren’t saying that you should accept some idea that your body just isn’t good enough. We mean you need to be honest in assessing your flaws. Your thighs are big? OK, that shows you are a curvy girl with great angles. Think your boobs aren’t big enough? Whatever, girl. Either forget about it and highlight assets that aren’t boobs or find a piece of lingerie that pumps those babies up enough that they give you cleavage for days.

  1. Shop with a good eye

Look at how the models are styled in the pictures online and in catalogs. Often they are dressed in lingerie that suits their body type. If you pay attention to body types and how yours might be like theirs, it will be easier for you to find lingerie that works for your body. If the model with huge boobs and a tiny butt is in a teddy that really emphasizes her breasts and has a nice thong back, that teddy might look great on you, too.

  1. If you want to flaunt it, flaunt it

Think you don’t have the best legs but you want to flaunt them? Then do it! The best asset anyone can have in the bedroom is confidence. If you feel comfortable showing off your too-skinny or too-heavy legs, go for it. Truth is, if you want to show them off, you’ll look fabulous in whatever you choose.

  1. If you want to hide it, hide it

If you have a feature that you’re less than comfortable showing off, find lingerie that provides a modest approach to showing it off. If you think your bum isn’t something you want to flaunt, choose lingerie that features a full rear or wear a gorgeous robe over your sexy lingerie set.

  1. Have fun with lingerie

The truth is, shopping for and wearing lingerie should be fun. You should delight in the process of buying gorgeous lingerie pieces made of beautiful fabrics and you should be excited to wear that lingerie for someone special or for yourself. Don’t worry about what you look like in the lingerie because no matter your body size or shape, there is a piece of sexy lingerie that’s made just for you.


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