How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie: 3 Essential Tips

How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie: 3 Essential Tips

Always consider body assets, the recipient’s confidence level and the fabric colour.  

Shopping for plus size lingerie? There are a few ways to make this task easy and effortless. With some consideration for any special needs, you are sure to find the perfect piece of lingerie for the plus-sized woman.

  1. Think about her assets

Some plus sized women have gorgeous breasts, while others prefer their legs. If you are shopping for plus size lingerie as a gift, think about how she normally dresses. Women who don’t like their legs will never wear shorts or shorter skirts, but might instead choose to highlight their breasts with low-cut or form-fitting blouses.

If there is a preference for showing off breasts, choose lingerie that is form fitting on the top but is perhaps a little longer in length; this way, the assets are shown off while the less ideal body parts are nicely concealed. By contrast, if the legs are the assets, choose a short babydoll or teddy that shows off the legs while not highlighting the breasts.

  1. Think about confidence

Some plus sized women are ultra-confident and are unafraid of showing off their bodies. Maybe they are plus sized but firm and fit. If you or your gift recipient is this confident, choose lingerie that allows for you to highlight these qualities. Are you or your gift recipient less confident? That’s also a manageable condition – simply choose plus size lingerie that’s a little more conservative but still sexy, like a long gown or robe and chemise set.

  1. Consider color

Red is the quintessential color of romance and therefore sexy lingerie, but not all women will want to wear red. A plus sized woman might shy away from red but might prefer basic (and also sexy) black or even a soft pink. Carefully consider the personality and usual color choices of the recipient before choosing the lingerie color.  If you know your recipient well (or if you are shopping for yourself) think about doing something a little daring and going for that red lingerie. Sometimes pushing the envelope can be all kinds of fun.

But at the end of the day, color is important – choose wrong and even the most beautiful lingerie will sit in the drawer and not get worn. Choose well and that lingerie will get worn again and again for all kinds of sexy fun.

Choosing the right style of plus size lingerie isn’t too difficult if you carefully consider the style and preferences of the lucky lady who will wear the beautiful new lingerie.

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