How to Pick Lingerie That’s Right for You?

How to Pick Lingerie That’s Right for You?

If you’re shopping for lingerie, it’s best if you consider your body shape and assets when picking styles so you ensure you look fabulous when wearing your new sexy pieces. No need to have the perfect body – any woman can look great in sexy lingerie if she knows how to shop.

Here are some tips for finding the right lingerie for your body type.

Large breasts

Look for lingerie that has a halter top or underwire so that breasts can be lifted and enhanced. If you have great legs, you might choose lingerie that accentuates legs over breasts, especially if your breasts are droopy and you are having a hard time finding lingerie that lifts them well.

If your breasts are large and lifted, choose lingerie that highlights this area, perhaps even picking a peekaboo style that puts the breasts completely on display.

Small breasts

Accentuate your legs if you have very small breasts. Consider wearing stockings and garters to draw attention to your legs and away from your breasts. Don’t forget the high heel, too; these make you look not only taller, but also leggier, also drawing attention away from the breasts.

Large hips or rear

Highlight your breasts to take the focus away from the bottom area. You might choose a longer, flowing gown that has a sheer top, or a fitted chemise that flows perfectly over your bottom area and highlights your breasts.  Don’t wear anything that’s too fitted or that doesn’t fit well – that will only highlight this larger area.

Large belly

Choose items that will draw attention where you want it and away from your belly. These items can include camisoles, thongs, and beautiful bras.

Short in stature

If you are short, avoid long gowns that will make you look even shorter. Choose instead short babydolls that highlight your leg area and make you look leggier than you are. If you have a real problem finding lingerie that fits you properly, find a good seamstress who can alter your lingerie so it’s just right for your size. 

What colour lingerie should you wear?

The color of lingerie you choose has less to do with size than with your coloring and what works for you.  Most women can successfully wear red, black, and white, which is why you see so much lingerie offered in these colors.

As far as your specific coloring, remember that blondes will look great in pastels, while brunettes look fabulous in dark and rich colors like emerald green and sapphire blue. If you are a redhead, highlight your fiery personality with earth tones, blues and greens.

When shopping for lingerie, think about what looks sexy to you. If you choose lingerie that you like and that fits you well, you will likely look very good in it indeed. The key to wearing lingerie successfully is that you feel good when wearing it. Do that and you have won the battle.

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