Tips for Spicing up Your Love Life

Tips for Spicing up Your Love Life

When things get a little, shall we say, dull in the bedroom, don’t despair. There are many things you can do to spice it up and keep things humming.

Perhaps the most important component in a happy sex life is the element of surprise.  When you keep things interesting, you are sure to – that’s right – keep things interesting!

Change the Scenery

Do you always make love in bed in your bedroom? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but sometimes it’s good to change things up. There’s always the kitchen, the living room, even the floor of your bedroom.  Consider having fun in the shower if that’s not normally your thing. Have a trampoline in the backyard? Many a couple has found great fun on the bouncy background of a trampoline.

The objective here is to have fun and to spice things up by making a simple shift in where (if not how) you get the fun going.

Use Toys

You have heard this before, but we’re going to say it again – toys make things fun in the bedroom. To spice things up, add some fun toys that both you and your partner are comfortable with. You might find that a vibrator does the trick, or that you like feathers and other soft play. Perhaps you want to keep things really interesting and add a whip or blindfold to the mix.

Whatever you find that works, use it.

Use Lingerie

This one simple thing can have quite an impact on your love life. When a woman buys lingerie, she feels pretty and sexy and naturally wants to show if off.  That’s great for the man in her life because men are visually stimulated and most men are instantly turned on by the sight of their woman in sexy lingerie.

When choosing lingerie, women should choose pieces that they will be comfortable wearing and that suit their personal style. If a woman chooses something that she isn’t comfortable wearing, she won’t feel (or for that matter, look) sexy wearing it and it won’t have the desired effect.

 To keep it interesting, choose many different lingerie pieces to keep on hand.

Go on Trips

Ever heard of “vacation sex”? It’s a funny thing, but people generally enjoy sex more, have more sex and are more liberated when they are away from home. While it might be called “vacation sex” you don’t necessarily need to actually go on vacation to get the desired effect.

You can simply check into a hotel in your hometown and enjoy a night away from home and see how the sparks fly. You might take a weekend holiday or even go camping if funds are tight. It’s just something about getting away and getting out of the ordinary daily life that gets the fire burning.

Keeping things fun in the bedroom not only ensures that you will continue to have an active sex life with one partner or many, but it nearly guarantees your satisfaction there, in more ways than one.

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