What to Wear in the Bedroom when you’re Feeling Shy

What to Wear in the Bedroom when you’re Feeling Shy

Sometimes you’re just not feeling body confident. You know those days.  But just because you’re not feeling body confident doesn’t mean that you don’t want to feel sexy or have a great time in the bedroom with your partner. But you definitely might not know what to wear to combat the shyness.

There are a few things you can wear that will help you feel sexy but also address that little issue of being shy or uncomfortable.

Bras and underwear

If you just aren’t feeling the whole lingerie thing, wear a sexy bra and underwear. You can wear these things under a regular nightgown and simply hint to your significant other that you are feeling and looking sexy, and that you have a special surprise under your nightie.

Gowns and babydolls

Some sexy lingerie can still conceal when you need it to. A gown can be luxurious and sexy in its own way but still cover what you want it to cover. Wear a babydoll and matching G-string for a pretty ensemble that is sexy and sultry but that can still be modest.


Wear something sexy but wear a robe over it. And no, we aren’t taking about a fuzzy pink robe with matching slippers. Find a slinky robe in a delicious color that coordinates with your lingerie. You can still have the feel and appeal of the sexy lingerie but you can wear it in a way (in this case, partially concealed) that works for you.

Wear a costume

If you aren’t ready to reveal all, consider wearing a sexy costume. These are sometimes more concealing than regular lingerie yet they still give the idea that you want to be sexy and enjoy feeling sexy.

Costumes can also help you feel less inhibited, which can help you overcome shyness.  Keep a costume on hand that’s sexy but still somewhat modest and pull that on when the sexy mood strikes but you are feeling shy. Allow yourself to really get into the role playing and then watch as your inhibitions get stripped away.

Even if you are feeling shy, there’s no reason to shy away from sexy bedroom activities. Simply make a few adjustments and enjoy what comes.

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