3 Must-Have Lingerie Items

3 Must-Have Lingerie Items

Ever wonder what items are must-haves in your lingerie collection? While there are many schools of thought on what items are absolutely essential, we have compiled a short list of the items we think are absolute essentials.

  1. Stockings and garter

Versatile and sexy, stockings are great additions to any sexy lingerie set or to wear in the boardroom under a suit. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles (including basic, ruffles and even button-up) but if you only choose one pair, we suggest black sheer or black fishnet stockings. These will work in a variety of settings and are sure to flatter every woman.

  1. A sexy chemise

The chemise is a wonderful item to add to your collection. Chemises have a number of qualities that make them essential:

  • They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • They flatter nearly every body type
  • You can choose a style that’s modest and simple or one that’s flat-out sexy
  • They are easy to store and clean
  • Even if you lack daring, you can feel comfortable and sexy in a chemise

 When shopping for a chemise, think about the kinds of colors you like and the styles that you find comfortable. You can find chemises that are very short or a little longer. With so many choices, every woman is sure to find a style that suits her.

  1. Fun and sexy items

Yes, we said items, plural. You can add just one fun and sexy item or you can add several. It’s your choice. But adding at least one fun and sexy item to your collection is essential if you want to start building that ideal collection of lingerie.

Some choices in the fun and sexy arena include:

  • Nipple covers
  • Things and G-strings
  • Masks
  • Gloves

Of course, we would suggest adding all of these things and more. On the right night, after all, you could wear all of these things at once.

Adding just one or a few sexy items to your lingerie drawer is sure to add excitement and fun to the bedroom.

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