5 Tips for Buying Plus Size Lingerie

5 Tips for Buying Plus Size Lingerie

There are many more options for plus size lingerie today than there were just a few years ago. Women who wear plus sizes can now enjoy a wide array of plus size lingerie in styles they like and at price points that are fair.

While there are many lingerie options these days for plus size women, there are some specific things to keep in mind, whether the wearer is purchasing for herself or the lingerie will be a gift.

  1. Know your sizes

When shopping for plus size lingerie, take measurements so you can use size charts to ensure you order the right size lingerie. Lingerie sizes sometimes differ from traditional clothing sizes, so you want to be sure that you are ordering just the right size that will fit perfectly.

If you are ordering for yourself, take your measurements and use those as you order your lingerie online. If you are making an online order as a gift, either ask for measurements (which could give away your gift idea) or you could find out what size bra or pants your recipient wears. Having that information can help you choose the right lingerie size when you make an order.

  1. Think about the plus size body

Some plus size women might want to highlight their chest area, while others might want to show off great legs. Fortunately, there is such a variety of lingerie styles that all women – no matter their preferences in how they are built – will find a lingerie style that suits them.

If you are purchasing plus size lingerie as a gift and aren’t sure what style your recipient would prefer, you can do a little reconnaissance before you order or purchase lingerie. Pay attention to how she dresses so you can get a feel for what she likes to wear. If she is often wearing short skirts (but higher-neck blouses) you might easily understand that she prefers to hide her chest area while showing off her legs.

  1. Enjoy the variety

Many years ago, plus size lingerie choices consisted of long gowns and matching robes. There were few sexy options for plus size women. But today, there are many options, from sexy teddies to fun costumes. Women of all sizes, then, can enjoy sexy lingerie fun.

There is much to choose from in the plus size lingerie realm. With a little focus on the basics and a bigger focus on what would work for the woman who will wear the lingerie, finding the right sizes and styles will be easy.

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