Best Lingerie Gifts that Aren't Lingerie

Best Lingerie Gifts that Aren't Lingerie

Lingerie gifts are fun to shop for and fun to give, but what if you just aren’t sure what size to get your recipient? What if you don’t know what styles she might be interested in? What if the whole thing just stresses you out?

Never fear, stressed one. There are many ways to navigate this challenge. One of the best ways to feel totally confident in your lingerie purchase is to consider a non-lingerie lingerie gift. What’s that, you say? A non-lingerie lingerie gift? Yes, exactly.

What do we mean?

When we say a non-lingerie lingerie gift, we mean a gift that’s intimately tied to lingerie fun, such as toys and lingerie accessories.

Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are one size so you never have to worry about choosing the right size gift. You don’t have to worry about your recipient thinking that it’s just not her style. Nipple covers are an ideal pick because they can be worn under daily bras as a modesty accent or they can be worn with lingerie as a sexy accent. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors so they are an excellent choice for any recipient.

Some nipple covers have a floral motif while others might feature tassels. There is a wide array of possibilities and most are so affordable you might choose to gift your recipient with more than one pair.


Another option is a pair of sexy stockings. Many are one size so you don’t have to worry about fit. Your recipient can get lots of use out of a gift of stockings – the same pair can be worn with a sexy lingerie set or under a business skirt. These are versatile accessories that are sure to get worn.

While most stockings are black, they are far from basic. Your recipient might like some fishnet stockings or something a little kicky, like polka dot stockings.  


Consider adding some bold jewellery to your gift bag. Chunky and bright pieces can accent any sexy lingerie set or a sassy and sexy outfit nicely. You might choose a super colourful set or a black and white set that’s versatile for a number of occasions. 

While we know most women love to get a gift of sexy lingerie, we also know that it can be hard for some shoppers to feel confident they are doing a great job at picking just the right pieces of lingerie. For those shoppers, accessories are an excellent choice.

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