Giving Someone Lingerie? How to Choose the Right Lingerie as a Gift

Giving Someone Lingerie? How to Choose the Right Lingerie as a Gift

Giving lingerie to a woman is a special and meaningful gift. Many a man, however, has made missteps when trying to give his woman special lingerie. He might have purchased the wrong size, the wrong design or just got it wrong, wrong, wrong.

We are here to set it right. Buying lingerie for that special someone is easy, if you know a few simple tricks.

Shop Online

You can certainly go into stores if you like, but shopping for lingerie can intimidate some men and make the process seem a little overwhelming. You might get nervous when a salesperson approaches or you might feel like other women are looking at you funny as you paw the racks of babydolls and underwear.

When you shop online, you can relax a little bit. From the comfort of your home, you can enjoy the hundreds of choices available, really give thought to what would look great on your woman and make a purchase that will work great for her (and you). Best of all, you’ll likely spend a little less.

Learn her Size

Most lingerie is sized S, M, L and so on, but some is sized by bra size, so you will need to do a little reconnaissance work before shopping. Snoop around in her lingerie drawer and make note of underwear and bra sizes.

When you buy lingerie, it’s best to buy it a little small rather than a little large, for many reasons. If you buy it bigger, she will think you are saying something about her size; it won’t be wearable and could easily break a mood. Lingerie that’s a little smaller will flatter her psyche and also still often be wearable, making both of you happy.

Find the Right Style for her Size

Not every woman will want to wear every style, nor will every style flatter her. Finding the right style for her means thinking about her comfort level in showing skin, breasts and butt. Is she generally comfortable showing skin or is she shyer? The good news is that there are styles for every woman.

A woman with small breasts might like a corset or something that boosts the breasts to give the impression they are larger. A plus-size woman will likely be comfortable in a babydoll or set that shows off her breasts or legs but lets her be more modest about her stomach or thighs.

Choose the Perfect Color

This part is fairly easy. Most women can easily wear black, red or white, so if you’re not sure, go with one of these colors.

But you can also consider her hair color and work with that. Blondes look great in black and really pretty in pastel colors, while brunettes look fabulous in jewel tones and reds.

Look at your woman’s skin tone and work with that, too. Pale skin tones will look better next to darker lingerie, while darker skin looks best with light-colored lingerie.

Find Something Exciting

When you’re perusing the lingerie options, think about what you find exciting, but also consider what your woman finds exciting. Make sure that you choose something that will be exciting for her. After all, this gift is for her as much as for you and she should feel sexy in it and excited by it for it to be a successful gift.

Buying lingerie is a thoughtful and fun gift, but don’t just grab the first thing you see. With some careful thought and consideration, you are sure to find lingerie that not only flatters your woman but that delights her senses as well.

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