Host a Sexy Lingerie Party that Excites the Bride to Be

Host a Sexy Lingerie Party that Excites the Bride to Be

Think about her tastes and have fun!

If you’re hosting a party for a bride-to-be, you have many options, some infinitely less exciting than others. If you want to create a fun and truly exciting party, host a sexy lingerie party and help the bride build up her wardrobe of lingerie with special gifts from friends and family.

Here are four tips to hosting a great lingerie party.

1. Know her size

Because guests will be bringing gifts of lingerie, it’s pretty important that you know the guest of honor’s size. Will she need plus size lingerie or does she had a particularly large or small bust? If you can get her to give measurements, guests who want to order online will find those measurements useful.

If you’re keeping the theme of the party a secret from your bride, you can always simply give guests a basic size that you are sure will fit the bride (such as “she’s a size M in tops and L in bottoms”). Most sexy lingerie is fairly forgiving in fit, so this general fit description should work.

  1. Know her preferences

Not all women like super sexy and erotic lingerie; some like lingerie pieces that are more demure and simple. It’s important that you find out what your bride likes before you send out invitations. If she might like traditional bridal lingerie, you have many choices from long gowns to sexy yet feminine chemises.

If she’s keen to try something sexier, you can suggest that guests consider sexier choices, like teddies and matching sets. They might like to bring something that borders on the risqué for those super sexy nights.

 3. Make it fun and sexy 

Make the party fun and sexy by offering up a party that’s themed entirely to the lingerie. There might be a color scheme that’s sexy and feminine (think hot red or feminine pink) or cupcakes or cake in specific body shapes for fun. You might play party games that fit the theme or provide party favors that include panties or body oils.

Don’t forget about the invitations. You can make a splash from the start by making clear on the invitations exactly what this fun theme is all about. Maybe the guests would like to come in their favorite lingerie. Or you might want to suggest that the guests also bring gifts of sexy nightwear for the groom.

  1. Take a cue from party companies

Ever been to a lingerie party put on by a representative for a party company? If you came home feeling titillated and a little excited, you aren’t alone. That’s the idea behind those parties -- to give everyone at the party a fun and sexy time and make them want to go home and use their toys. While your intent is different, you can take a cue from how those parties are run when you plan your party. 

Since you are hosting a lingerie party, make lingerie the central theme of your decorating and hosting plans. Use lingerie-inspired fabrics to cover tables and keep the lighting low. Think about food that’s passionate (like strawberries, champagne and rich chocolate desserts) and make sure you have plenty of alcohol so the good energy flows throughout the party.

The most important component to any party is that you have fun. Plan a fun party and the fun will come from that. Your guest of honor will be grateful.

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