How to Pick a Panty: 6 Easy Choices

How to Pick a Panty: 6 Easy Choices

Forget grannie panties! If you shop well, you can find a panty for every need, whether it’s a basic panty or you are looking for something much sexier.

Shopping for new panties can be exciting. Especially if you tend to keep your panties until they are falling apart, shopping for panties can be not only exciting but a necessary task.  When shopping for sexy lingerie, it’s important to not overlook the panties; they deserve some love, too!

And by the way, once you learn how to shop for a panty and you get a feel for how fun that can be, we can assure that you won’t let your panties get old and tired. You’ll be too busy shopping for new panties that are sexy and fun!

There are many styles of panties. You might find that you prefer a specific type for all-the-time wear, or – like most women – you might find that you want to have a variety of panties in your drawer for your many moods.

Here are six top panty types.

  • Briefs – These are the fullest kind of panty you can buy. These usually come as high as the waist, or at least the belly button, and they provide full coverage of the bum. The leg openings can be styled differently – some are high cut while others will sit lower on the thigh. While these aren’t traditionally the sexiest, they can be part of sexy lingerie sets that include bras or other lingerie pieces.
  • Hipster – The hipster is similar to the brief in that you will get full bum coverage but the panty generally sits on the hips, hence the name. These can give you a sexy look but still provide the coverage you might be after.
  • Bikini – These are usually worn at hip level, like the hipster, but will have decidedly less fabric around the hips. The string bikini, for example, might have just the slightest hint of fabric along the hips that’s designed only to keep the bikini in place. Some bikinis will have a full coverage back while others will provide a little less coverage. Bikinis are the most commonly worn panty by women throughout the world.
  • Tanga – These are defined by the back coverage, which will be much less than the bikini. The sides can be full or very slight (and will usually be the latter).
  • Thong – Defined by a narrow strip of fabric in the back, thongs are also popular styles of panties for women worldwide.
  • G-string – If you like hot sexy lingerie, consider the G-string. Similar to a thong, these will have fabric in the back that mostly disappears in the buttocks, giving full view of the bum area.

Many women find that they have a favorite type of underwear, but they will have several kinds of panties so they have a pair to suit their every mood (and need).

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