Lace Lingerie Sets Run the Gamut from Frisky to Fiery

Lace Lingerie Sets Run the Gamut from Frisky to Fiery

If you’re in the market for a lace lingerie set, you might assume that lace means feminine and sweet. It’s true that many lingerie sets that feature lace are quite sweet, but don’t overlook sexy, because some of these sets are quite sexy in their design.

What should you look for?

A lace lingerie set might include a simple bra and bikini bottom or it could include a lacy teddy with matching G-string. What you should look for as you shop is a set that suits your specific taste and style.

If you want something that offers some coverage, but not too much, consider a lace lingerie set that gives you exactly that.  These types of sets give you a little more coverage on the top and bottom but are far from demure. If you are feeling a little more daring, you can choose a lace lingerie set that shows that spirit.

When shopping, keep in mind your style. Are you a simple girl? If so, simple lines and designs are probably a good bet. If you like things a little more dramatic, you can choose a set that has some extra flair.

Don’t forget color. When shopping, be sure to consider colors that are ideal for you. While many lace lingerie sets will come in colors like white and black, don’t overlook the surprising shock of a blue set or the sexy allure of a red set. 

What should you avoid?

Avoid colors or patterns that don’t flatter you. If you don’t normally wear purple, you might find that a lingerie set in purple isn’t ideal for you. By the same token, you should avoid colors that look good on you but that you don’t like.

Most skin tones are flattered by pink, but not everyone likes to wear pink so don’t force that. The same goes for floral prints – while they can be sweet (and sexy, depending on the design of the garment) if you don’t like floral, then the set isn’t for you, no matter how cute otherwise.

Having said that, however, don’t overlook sets that are outside your norm. Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up with colors, designs and other elements that you might otherwise overlook.

The right lingerie set can make you feel like a million bucks; for a perfect feminine look, don’t ignore sexy and sweet lace lingerie sets.

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