Lingerie Creates Perfect Sexy Costumes

Lingerie Creates Perfect Sexy Costumes

Use lingerie pieces to create sexy, sultry costumes that will be the hit of any party.

Sexy Halloween costumes are de rigueur these days, it seems, but you can do a lot to up the ante. By using lingerie pieces as the base of your sexy costume, you can create one-of-a kind costumes that can also be used again for bedroom fun.

Sexy Teacher/Student

Thinking of dressing as a sexy teacher or student for Halloween or a costume party? Choose a super short plaid skirt and a white button-down blouse that is a size or two too small, and keep the shirt partly unbuttoned.

Instead of pairing this outfit with a bra, consider a tantalizing corset. Choose one that fits well and works with the costume, but then plan to wear it again long after Halloween. With a corset peeking out from under your button-down shirt, you will gain many admirers at your Halloween party.

Sexy Bride

Throw away the idea of a virginal white wedding. When you dress as a sexy bride using sexy lingerie, you will create a look that won’t soon be forgotten.  This costume is simple to put together, but is not for the shy or demure.

Consider starting with a sexy white gown. Then add a veil, some pretty shoes and even a garter for tantalizing fun. If you really want to have fun with this theme, grab a small bouquet of flowers on your way to the party.

Sexy Angel

With a few accents, any white gown can be turned into a sexy angel costume easily. Add wings and a halo to your white gown base and you have an angel costume that is just a little bit devilish.

Sexy Construction Worker

Use a super sexy shorts and bra set as the base for a sexy construction worker costume. Add a tool belt (with a few choice tools of any kind), a hard hat and work boots. You will be the hit of the party and sure to raise the interest of anyone who looks your way.

With a few choice accessories, you can turn many lingerie items into sexy costumes that will turn heads; once you are done with the costume, you have a great lingerie piece to wear to your private bedroom parties.

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