Matching Sets Add Versatility and Fun

Matching Sets Add Versatility and Fun

Matching sexy lingerie sets can be a great addition to any lingerie wardrobe. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

Matching sets add fun and versatility to a basic lingerie wardrobe. They can be used as sets or used as separates for specific outfits or for specific needs. Best of all, they are affordable, flattering and fun to shop for.


A matching set is exactly what the name implies – a lingerie set that matches. Usually a pantie and top, matching sets can also include skirts and tops and extras like garters and gloves.

There is a wide array of matching set styles. The choices are innumerable, really. Let’s look at some options:

  • A bra top and G string bottom
  • A bra top and skirted bottom
  • A bra top and skirted bottom with G-string underneath
  • A halter top and G-string bottom
  • A bandeau top and skirted bottom
  • A bandeau top and G-string bottom

What makes these matching sets is the similar qualities the pieces have. For example, pieces will usually be the same color and with the same fabrication. If one piece is accented with a second color, the second piece will also usually be accented in that color. If a bottom features sheer as well as opaque qualities, the top often mimics this in some fashion.


Matching sets come in a variety of material options. Most will be in polyester, but that might look like fishnet, sheer fabric or a shiny fabric. There are choices in cotton, silk and even PVC.

You can sometimes wear a matching set out. For example, you might wear a bra top and the matching G-string out on the town with a skirt or jeans over the G-string. In this case, you might choose a fabric that’s a little less sheer and more out-of-the-house friendly.


Matching sets can be found in any color you like. If you love purple or pink, there’s a matching set for you. Love the classics of black or red? Matching sets in these colors abound. And don’t forget the surprise colors, like silver or bright blue.

Why Should You Add matching sets to your Collection?

To that, we say, “why not?” Matching sets are versatile, fun to wear and are offered in so many styles, there’s a style to flatter every body type. Depending on the styles, fabrics and colors you choose, you can even mix and match pieces from matching sets, making these a cost-effective way to build a sexy lingerie wardrobe easily.

Matching sets should form the basis of any good lingerie collection. Don’t forget to add a few sets to your collection soon!

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