Store Lingerie So it Lasts!

Store Lingerie So it Lasts!

Proper lingerie storage can ensure that your lingerie stays snag-free and properly formed for a long time to come.

Love all your pretty sexy lingerie? If you want to keep it pretty and sexy for the long haul, it’s important that you store it properly. Doing so will extend the life of the lingerie and also ensure that when you put it on, it’s shaped properly and isn’t damaged.

Each kind of lingerie has a best method for storage.

Bras and undies

Bras should be kept in a box in a drawer. You can buy special boxes that are designed specifically for storing bras or you can just use old shoe boxes. The key is to properly fold the bra.

First, fold it on itself so it’s folded in half. Then take the straps and twist them several times before tucking them into the cups. Then slide the bra into the box. If you like to have matching sets of bras and undies, fold the underwear and place each pair of matching underwear behind its bra match.

Teddies, gowns and babydolls

Many women store their sexy lingerie like teddies and babydolls in drawers along with bras and panties, but in most cases this is a mistake.  The primary problem is wrinkling. When you pull them out of the drawer, they are likely to be wrinkled, and will hardly give you the super sexy look you are after.

A better method for storage is to hang teddies and babydolls on padded hangers made just for this purpose. These hangers are soft and often include a little knob so the straps of the delicate lingerie don’t slide off.

Hanging works for most babydolls and teddies but some have designs that might make hanging difficult, if not downright impossible. If this is the case, you can fold the lingerie in tissue paper and store in the dresser. When you’re ready to wear it, simply unfold from the tissue paper and let sit for a bit so any loose wrinkles can fall away. If the wrinkles (if you have any) need a little more work, put the garment into a dryer set on no heat for a few minutes.

Corsets and bustiers

Most corsets and bustiers are best folded and stored in a drawer, much like your bras. Some very special bustiers might best be stored in acid-free tissue paper in a large box. If they have inside hanging loops, you can hang your bustier, but pay careful enough attention that the bustier doesn’t lose its shape in the hanging process.

Take care of your lingerie and you’ll have your special sexy lingerie pieces for years to come.

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