The Babydoll: A Classic and Flattering Sihouette

The Babydoll: A Classic and Flattering Sihouette

The babydoll is a lingerie item that flatters nearly every woman and is easy to wear; from modest to exotic, there is a babydoll style to suit you.

If the look and feel you’re going for is feminine and floaty, let us direct your attention to the ever-popular babydoll.

The babydoll is a longtime bestseller for a number of reasons including its unique ability to flatter nearly every body type and its ability to be sexy no matter the style and shape. This is one lingerie item that’s a true must-have.


A babydoll is nearly always short – from somewhat short to very short. Sometimes it has formed cups for the breasts while other times not. Either way, the skirt usually falls from right below the bust to either just at the belly button (the very short version) to the upper thigh.

Some babydolls are fairly modest, while others allow for all-out sexy with breasts on display and super short skirts.

Most babydolls feature sheer material like chiffon, nylon or polyester. Sometimes these are trimmed in ruffles, lace or ribbons.


While there are a number of materials that work well when fashioning babydolls, the key is sheer and sexy. The bust area might be comprised of lace and chiffon while the dress or skirt area will feature a sheer fabric of some sort.

Generally, babydolls are super feminine and accessible for most women, no matter their level of modesty.


Babydolls are available on any number of colors, though some of the most popular include pink, white and black. Many brides have opted to use babydolls as their bridal lingerie because they are generally less expensive than a full suite of bridal lingerie and are easy to care for. They are likely to be worn again, unlike most bridal lingerie, which might get little wear.

Why Should You Add Babydolls to your Collection?

To that, we say why not? Nearly every woman can wear a babydoll and feel confident and sexy. Babydolls are usually quite affordable as well. Whether you choose something that’s pretty and pink or something that’s got super sex appeal, there is a babydoll to suit every need and every woman’s style.

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