Wear the Teddy When You Want a Good Cuddle or Two!

Wear the Teddy When You Want a Good Cuddle or Two!

The teddy is a lingerie item that’s fun to wear alone or under other clothing. Sexy and fun, teddies come in a wide array of styles and are ideal for many body types.

If you like your lingerie soft, silky and feminine, consider the flattering and versatile teddy.


Teddies are lingerie items that cover the torso and crotch and are usually in one piece. If you think about a one-piece bathing suit or a bodysuit, you have a pretty good idea of what a teddy looks like.

Some teddies are fairly loose, but the more common style these days is a teddy that’s fitted much like a bodysuit. Most teddies feature sheer fabric and sexy designs, but the more demure girl can also find a teddy that suits her shy style.

These lingerie items first appeared in the early 1900s and were called “envelope chemise” or “camiknickers”. They came in handy when women began wearing short dresses in the 1920s as they were easy to wear under clothing items.

These days, most women wear their teddies just in the bedroom and without other clothing over them, but if you wear a teddy under your daywear, you will feel sexy all day and will be ready for fun all night.

Some teddies are quite simple in their design, while others are a little more unexpected and fun. When you shop for a teddy, hone in on designs that you find exciting and then pick a teddy based on your personal comfort level in wearing that teddy.


Most teddies will be fashioned from soft polyester. Some are completely sheer, some will feature cut-out breasts or cut-out crotches; some will feature truly exciting designs.

While most teddies will be made from polyester (with some cotton) others might be fashioned from satin or silk. Look for teddies that have a touch of spandex or lycra in them – these can make a super fitted teddy comfortable and versatile.


As always, red, black and white are popular colors for teddies, but don’t overlook the unexpected colors. You might choose a teddy in bright blue or purple. Consider silver or an animal print. Some teddies will feature more than one color – the majority of the teddy will be one color but there will be accents of other colors or prints throughout the design.

Teddies are excellent additions to any lingerie wardrobe. Don’t forget to add a few to yours.

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