What’s Fun in the Bedroom? Costumes and Uniforms, That’s What!

What’s Fun in the Bedroom? Costumes and Uniforms, That’s What!

Add costumes and uniforms for an unexpected lift in the bedroom

When it’s time to add excitement to the bedroom, it might be time to add costumes or uniforms. These add a fun role-play quality that is hard to get without a little help. Best of all, when you don a uniform or costume, you might also do away from some inhibitions and allow yourself to get lost in the sexy character you are creating.

Law Enforcement Sexiness

Want to lay down the law? Consider wearing a SWAT costume or a sexy police officer uniform. Best of all, these uniforms allow for the use of handcuffs or scarves if you like and they allow you to take a dominant role in the bedroom fun.

Choices in this range include officers, fire-person uniforms and even the classic sexy traffic cop. 

Join the Mile High Club!

If you choose a flight attendant or sexy pilot costume, you are sure to be ready to join that infamous club. You can get high on each other when you wear one of these fun costumes and get into the spirit of the costume through role play and fun bedroom games.

When you look at these costumes, choose one that best suits your intentions and allows for sexy play in the specific way you want. Don’t forget to accessorise properly with short gloves, high heels or special undergarments. 

Get Dirty and Clean

French maid costume anyone? Maid costumes are popular for a reason -- it’s an exciting fantasy for many men to envision you cleaning their house in a short skirt and with a fluffy duster.

These costumes come in a range of styles from super short and skimpy to sheer and fluid. With such a wide range of styles, you are sure to find that suits your particular style.

Teach Me Something

Schoolgirl costumes were hot before Britney Spears made them ultra-hot. There’s just something about a woman who is asking to be taught something that men find exciting. You can accent your schoolgirl costume with super high heels or kicky tennis shoes. You can wear pigtails with your super short top and skirt or you can create sensual long curls that seduce and excite.

Finding the right costume or uniform for bedroom fun can be exciting and titillating for you, too. Add a few to your lingerie collection and see where it takes you.

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