Savor at Home: Create the Perfect Sexy Feast

Savor at Home: Create the Perfect Sexy Feast

Sometimes it’s fun to stay in rather than go out. If you are enjoying a sexy meal at home, it can be relaxed and fun. And if things get a little heated in the kitchen, well, what better place can you be?

But if you don’t cook or aren’t that adept in the kitchen the thought of creating a sexy feast can be overwhelming. The good news is there’s no requirement that you cook yourself, though that can make for a special meal, but a special meal is about more than just the food.

When you plan your sexy feat, consider all the elements like environment, the kind of food you eat or make, and other elements that are sure to help you build a sexy evening.

Here are 5 tips for creating a special meal he or she won’t soon forget.

  1. Ambiance

You have probably heard this before, but it’s all about how things look and feel. Clean the place up, light some candles and lower the lights. All of these things will create a relaxed and comfortable environment that will make that meal at home worth every second of prep time.

  1. The food

Choose food that the both of you like, but try to avoid any food that will inhibit after-dinner activities. This could include foods like garlic or anchovies, for example. And while we are talking about a sexy feast, try to keep the meal on the light side. A too-heavy meal will weigh you down, make you sleepy and perhaps put a crimp in your plan for after-dinner activities.

  1. Don’t save it for the weekend

Too often we think about special meals and special activities as a weekend plan. But surprise your partner by planning a weekday sexy feast and you might be rewarded in ways you didn’t imagine. If you do plan a sexy weekday meal, don’t save all the prep for one night. Instead, do your planning and perhaps even your shopping on the weekend or when you have time and keep it simple the night of.

  1. Relax

One of the benefits of making and enjoying dinner at home is the relaxed atmosphere you can create. This is tied to what you wear (sexy lingerie anyone?) and your mood. If you don’t get too wrapped up in the food and keep thing simple instead, you can allow yourself to be more relaxed and comfortable. We think this is one of the best reasons to keep things at home.

Creating a sexy feast at home is about more than the food. While food is important, what you really want to focus on is the atmosphere in which that food is served. Relax and enjoy your partner because when you’re at home you really can allow that sexy feast to go wherever you think it needs to take you.



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